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The basis of success of Theophil Group is our highly qualified and top motivated team, that significantly characterizes our corporate culture.

Our philosophy is based on result and success-oriented working methods, combined with strong trust in our employees as well as in their promotion and further development.

Executive Management Team (alphabetical order)

Hartmut Graf
Hartmut GrafMBA
TQSR Group
Bernhard Kirchmeir
Bernhard KirchmeirBM DI
Head of Construction
Theophil Bau GmbH
Jan-Christoph Küster
Jan-Christoph KüsterMSc
Head of Marketing
TQSR Group
Dominik Lörnitzo
Dominik LörnitzoDI
Head pf Development
TQSR Group
Dragan Milovanovic
Dragan Milovanovic
Head of Operations
TQSR Group
Dieter Spranz
Dieter SpranzDr.
Gabriele Spranz-Singewald
Gabriele Spranz-SingewaldMag.

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